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Let's be friends! I write blogs and website copy for wedding photographers and other creatives, aiming to boost your business, make you money and attract your clients. I’m cheerful, imaginative and experienced, and I’d love to work with you too.

hey! I'm jon. Blogger, copywriter, besotted husband and doting daddy

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They used to call me 'Poetry Boy' in school. Well who's laughing now?! Still them, actually. It was not a kind nickname. 

But through all those (regrettable) schoolboy poems, an English degree, a children's book and god-knows how many blogs and websites, writing has always been my thing. 

tasty food cooker, inappropriate joke maker, husband of a wedding photographer and daddy to a sassy baby girl

Does it capture your personality perfectly?  Does it speak to your dream couples, add tons of value and shake off the time-wasters? Are you “oh my God, I can’t wait to show you” proud of it?

Or are you secretly hoping no one reads it?! 

I specialise in writing friendly, engaging website copy for wedding photographers. If you need someone who understands your couples, your business, and what sets you apart from all the other ‘togs, I’m your guy. 

Don’t go through life with a rubbish website. You’re better than that.

Pick up an extra wedding, outsource that shit and get it done properly. 

Are you completely in love with your website copy? 

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Macchiato, trifecta variety shop, espresso to go, single shot grinder  saucer coffee galão. Percolator to go sweet, viennese carajillo est single shot cinnamon mocha. Black organic breve froth, half and half spoon ut.

Go ahead...get yourself this really amazing thing (for free!)

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Your blog can be a game changer, attracting your perfect clients, boosting your SEO, and maybe even making you money. If it's not, you're missing out.

And I get it. You're crazy busy and blogging takes time. But you should never neglect your blog! Regular fresh content boosts your SEO, shows people you’re active and successful, and allows you to connect with your ideal client.

Instagram's great but you don't own what you've written. You own your blog, and it could- and should- be a pivotal pillar of your marketing strategy.

So whether you want to introduce a new product, show off a beautiful gallery, push affiliate links or just drive engagement, blogs can transform your business.

So let me do it for you! I’ll save you time and make you money.

best friends with your blog?

No? Well let’s do something about that, shall we?! 

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Most photographers have tonnes of content but only ever showcase a fraction of it on Instagram. Don’t you wish you could regularly share all that content with the world and keep those enquiries rolling in? Well this package is perfect for you!

Invest in the future of your business and book in to have me write four engaging, impactful blogs for you. All keyword-researched and SEO-focused as part of the process to help you reach and connect with your dream couples. Invest now and enjoy regular injections of fresh content with minimal effort.

4 blog package - £500

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Struggling to get your personality across? Don't have the time? Can't find the words? All of the above?! Let me help.

I've been writing website copy for wedding photographers for  years. I'm married to a wedding photographer, I write for Rock & Roll Bride, and I've even second-shot at a wedding! 

Let's write copy that sets you apart, speaks to your dream clients, and does your work justice. Yeah, it's an investment, but I promise it'll be worth it. 

Website copy - £1950

Kayleigh, Snapdragon Photography

"From the moment I enquired with Jon I felt like I knew him, he felt like a friend. His responses were quick (even though he was on Daddy duties at the time!) and after completing the forms required, I received my first blog the next day! So efficient. 

He listened to what I wanted my blogs to be about and took that on board, but also steered me in the best direction those blogs could take. He has so much knowledge of websites, SEO etc. and the blogs I have received so far are amazing! 

I’m so happy I procured Jon to write for me, not only has it helped my workload but I’m sure his expertise will boost the traffic to my website, in turn bringing in more bookings 🤞🏻 

Thank you for all your hard work Jon, it’s lovely working with you!"


Lindsey Garvey, VA

He has joined my team and produced beautifully written blog posts for a number of my clients; wedding photographers, family, and newborn. My clients have nicknamed him the 'copwriting king' and described his work as 'just perfection'. It has been a huge weight off my shoulders as it comes so naturally to Jon, and allowed me to focus on the other areas of my client tasks that I enjoy more. The speed of which he writes to is amazing, I can assign him a blog, and it is back to me in no time.

Jon has also helped, and will continue to help with my own website copy and I couldn't be more thankful. He is completely clued up with SEO (an area I know nothing about) and I have already seen the huge difference in traffic coming my way. 

All in all, I am so thankful to have Jon on my team. I literally couldn't recommend him enough, and could definitely not be without him now!


Hash Hart, Photos by Hash

After trying blog writers through sites like Fiver and slowly going back & forth trying to find someone to work with consistently, I kinda’ just gave up for a while. Until I saw Jon being praised and recommended across Insta! 
From the first message he’s been an absolute champion and a downright pleasure to work with. He went through my website and my socials thoroughly to understand the type of client I attract and the way I brand myself. He used that to create THE perfect profile of my business and my clients to know who he’s writing for! I think he knows my audience better than I do at this point!
He explained everything from the metadata, what’s important for my SEO, what ranks, where things need to be and the dos & don’ts. 
Coming from someone who was putting no time into blogs, working with Jon has made me excited to blog my galleries and chuffed to have someone to work with on the regular!
If you’re at all like me and HATE writing up blogs or you simply don’t have the time, I can’t express enough how valuable and just how easy it’s been to outsource to Jon, a true game changer!

Jon My guy!

Katie Winter
Clearly Wild Weddings

The easiest way I can explain working with Jon, is that 90% of the time it feels like he is in my brain. Making my thoughts and ideas sound more beautiful than I could have imagined. 

His attention to detail surprises me every time and I am always so excited to see what he has created. Not only does he save me endless hours staring at a blank screen, re-writing the same sentence over and over. He is also increasing my SEO and bringing more potential clients to my website. 
Working with him is always effortless, time saving, and a game changer for my business.

His attention to detail surprises me every time

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Whatever brings you here, feel free to have a mosey around. I just hope you find me as entertaining as I find myself.

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Let's be friends! I write blogs and website copy for the wedding industry, aiming to boost your business, make you money and attract your perfect clients.